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The Center for Humane Living offers an innovative martial arts curriculum through:

  1. The Physical Art of Soo Bahk Do/Tang Soo Do: Developing body fitness, physical self-defense skills and the beauty and art of transcendent movement.
  2. Character Conflict Avoidance and Resolution Strategies: Developing the skills and confidence to dispel, reduce or prevent harmful aggression by:
    1. Defining the fundamental causes of fear, defensiveness, and aggression.
    2. Developing creative non-violent alternatives (“mental self-defense”) through role-playing, visualization, and trust building exercises.
    3. Practicing vigorous martial art self-defense techniques that result in physical self confidence.
    4. Reduce “defensive behavior” and build physical confidence by working through or “acting out” aggressiveness within the physical martial form in a safe environment and, thereby, transforming seemingly hostile gestures (punching, kicking, etc.) into an art form.
    5. Revitalizing the family unit with an enriched environment that encourages family interactions, personal sharing and family bonding.
    6. Offering an Alternative Peer Group for student interaction that emphasizes opportunities for students to discover their “true self” apart from the peer pressures of work or school.
    7. Promoting a Warrior mentality that is built upon the tenets of: Courage, Honor, Loyalty, Obligation, Justice
  3. A Multidisciplinary approach to social education consisting of psychology, nutrition, health and social behavioral norms
  4. Character Development and Relationship Skills: Developing ethical behavior and humane and intelligent values for living through the Martial Arts with strategies that enable students to build successful relationships with:
    1. Themselves
    2. Their faith
    3. Other individuals
    4. Their environment

    Did you know?
    Researchers at the University of British Columbia & Children's Hospital have demonstrated that traditional martial arts training (like CHL) improves the opportunity for life successes such as career, marriage, positive mental and physical health, by cultivating executive functional development (creativity, flexibility, self-contol, and discipline) in children 4 to 12 years old. Download Article (pdf)