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For more information or to join a committee, please contact us.

(Co-Chair Oh Dan Lisa Dado M.D. and Sam Dan Steven Erickson, M.D.)
Facilitate the development of all tests for Levels 1, 2 and 3 based on CHL's curriculum standards. Schedule tests per curriculum rank advancement interval recommendations. Quality control measures are utilized after tests to evaluate test effectiveness.

OutreachCommunity Outreach Programs
(Co-Chair Oh Dan Donna Heath and Mary Jezwinski)
Utilize the "pay it forward" culture of CHL's mission to fuel ongoing service projects initiated by its members to benefit the community.

Camp Committee
(Co-Chair Jeanne Nation and Michael Zimmerling)
Opportunities for all age levels to assist in the planning and execution of the school-wide yearly camp event. Preparation begins months before Camp Chaos, developing an agenda to coincide with the chosen theme for the coming year. From t-shirt design, actvity development, flyers, and assembling name-tags, to donations of snacks and water, there is a job for everyone.

(Co-Chair Michelle Szymanowski, Jeanne Nation and Stephanie Nation)
Assist in newsletter articles, mass email letter preparation, flyers for activities, class advertising of CHL events. To send a message to CHL members, please submit your request to Michelle.

IT/Website Committee
(Co-Chair Sam Dan Kelly Basfield, Cho Dan Joe Bogushefsky, Mike Biegen, Martha Mann, and Scott Munger)
Technical support, data entry, web site & calendar updates, photos (acquisitions and editing for posting), database and software programs.

Development Committee
Grant-writing, oversee fundraising events, organize donations, raise assets, and seek endowments

Performance Team
(Co-Chair Ee Dan Amy Overlin, M.D. and Cho Dan Lisa Nardone)
Sponsor a fantastic youth group performance team. The team consists of students 8 to 18 years old. Auditions are held annually and committment is one year of service. The choreographed routines are performed at valley-wide events such as ASU Basketball games, Asian festivals, and CHL fundraising events. The youth develop teamwork skills, perfect their martial art techniques, and bond as a group. In June of 2016, the team performed in Disneyland.

Member Services
(Chair Sa Dan Therese Tukan)
Maintain current membership data, enter new student data into web site, and record attendance.

Grappling Instruction
(Co-Chair Sa Dan Michael G. Foley and Cho Dan Brian Iriye, M.D.)
Supervise development and facilitate CHL grappling instruction.