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Volunteer Record Form (pdf)

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering is an opportunity for new experiences, new friendships, and self-growth and we encourage our students to become engaged as active members of CHL. Our volunteers enable us to meet the needs of our growing organization as we begin to actualize our financial independence and a centrally owned facility.

Sensei VolunteerCHL Committees
Our committees offer a wide range of options sharing your talents with CHL and building new friendships. We encourage you to check out our committee descriptions and, if you identify a committee that you would like to join, please contact us.

CHL Projects/Tasks
The work you can complete as a volunteer for CHL can range from cleaning or transporting equipment between dojos to interpreter services for Spanish speaking students and families.

Check out our list of ongoing tasks and please let us know if you would like to volunteer for one of them or if you have an idea that you would like to pursue by contacting Sa Bum Nim Lisa with your request. This is an opportunity for volunteers of all ages to be creative and develop ways to utilize their talents and interests while giving back to CHL.

Volunteering is considered one of the criteria necessary to advance in rank. Upon acceptance of a test invitation, it is the student’s responsibility to provide his or her home dojo Sensei with a completed volunteer record (pdf) that documents approved service and is verified by a sensei or chairperson.   The following is a breakdown of the minimum hours** required per test period. Read it as the rank you are seeking:

First Yellow
5 hours
Second Yellow
5 hours
10 hours
First Blue
25 hours
Second Blue
25 hours
Third Red
50 hours* per year
Second Red
50 hours* per year
First Red
50 hours* per year
50 hours/each dan* per year

(*In addition to the above noted volunteer hours, Red and Black Belts complete a community service project that is directly related to CHL. Detailed information about these projects is specified in the curriculum.)