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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering your time and talent to CHL will not only aid in allowing the organization to function more effectively, but it will open you to new experiences, new friendships, and promote self-growth. The Board has devised a plan to keep all students engaged as active members of CHL.

  • As a testing requirement, each student’s volunteer hours for various “CHL jobs” or CHL committee participation will be evaluated by the testing committee prior to each rank advancement test.

  • Volunteering is one piece of criteria necessary to advance in rank. Upon acceptance of a testing invitation it is the student’s responsibility to provide the designated black belt board member with documentation of approved volunteer hours.

Next date: June 11th, 2023

Dear CHL family and friends,

Thank you all for your continued help with my I-HELP Meals. I am really looking forward to sharing this upcoming event with you. Just like before, this sign-up includes more options! In addition to serving dinner on Sunday June 11th, and making lunches for Monday June 12th, we are also continuing to gather more supplies for the Tempe Community Action Agency Food Pantry.

**LOCATION CHANGE ** Dinner is being served at 5:00 pm at Ascend Church, located at 1615 E. Guadalupe Road, Tempe. 

All food and supplies need to be delivered to me no later than Saturday, June 10th. Lunches, snack bags, and pantry donations are being prepared and packaged at my home on Sunday, June 11th at 11:00 am. We will then be bringing everything to the Church on Sunday at 4:30 pm, to be able to plate dinner to be served at 5:00 pm.

When you sign up for food or supplies, please let me know when and where you plan to deliver them. If you are signing up to volunteer your time, please let me know which part you are interested in helping with; lunch, dinner, or transport.


Thank You!! Sensei Tanner

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Ongoing Project

Available volunteer hours are ongoing while performing Dojo Maintenance and Cleaning tasks. 

Please see link below to sign-up for a task, or email Enosh for more information. 

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