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The Center for Humane Living (CHL) is a Wellness Center that inspires people of all ages to live peaceful and compassionate lives. With decades of experience, CHL provides numerous programs, free of charge, to the children and adults of our community to inspire health, fitness and physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Pay it Forward Culture

A tuition free martial arts and wellness center that operates off of a "pay it forward culture". Our members have no obligation or directives; yet every interaction is centered on sharing knowledge, insight and experiences. We aim to provide a framework guided by the values of care for the whole person and care for the community thru active engagement in community service.

Wellness Center

CHL is a Wellness Center that provides high quality martial arts education utilizing a variety of health promotion techniques. We aim to be leaders in our communities, sharing goals of personal and community health and wellness.

Empower & Enable


CHL instruction and events inspire our students and instructors with their learned

skills and experiences. These opportunities empower individuals to thrive while promoting positive healthy lifestyle choices through educational programs and outreach events.

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