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Our Approach

Our students receive formal instruction in self-defense, fitness and “ancient wisdom” philosophy from experienced instructors. Programs are based on “The Art of Humane Living” and “Ancient Wisdom for Life Fulfillment” by Dr. Michael R Foley. Drs. Foley and Dado are the co-founders of The Center for Humane Living, a 501C-3 organization.

Why The Center for Humane Living?

Learn to act from confidence rather than react from fear. 


How does a martial artist create peace?  As a result of practicing martial skills, students begin to discover who they are, what motivates them, why they have fears and how to cope with their newly discovered “self”.

Self-discovery occurs when the root of one’s own conflict is revealed.  A new sense of self-confidence and self-esteem develops as these skills evolve.  This new confidence inspires a sense of calm and peace.  Students learn to pay attention to their feelings.  They discover how they respond when faced with challenges, and fears.  They pay attention to their body’s physical reactions in times of stress.  Students deliberately practice skills that help them stay present and calm even in the face of fear, doubt and uncertainty.  We teach our students to develop relationships with themselves first then with the world around them.  So much more is learned in a safe and communicative environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and investigate for themselves.




Our Logo

The symbolism of our Logo represents our open hand to humanity. Each of the five fingers in our logo represents the five basic Tang Soo Do Tenets:



The focus of the organization is on children and families working together, as a unit, promoting growth, harmony, and leadership. The midnight blue color represents our traditional Korean “Black Belt” in Soo Bahk Do/Tang Soo Do.

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