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Our Programs


We promote a Warrior mentality that is built upon the tenets of: Courage, Honor, Loyalty, Obligation and Justice.

These tenets help students develop ethical behavior and learn humane and intelligent values for living.

Martial Arts:
Tang Soo Do


Our students receive formal instruction in the Korean based martial art of Tang Soo Do. Additional instruction involving self defense techniques and physical fitness training is employed.

Wellness Warriors 


Learn how to better manage the unique physical and emotional challenges of childhood illness.

This unique program starts while your child is in the hospital. During their time with us, your child will learn how to manage pain and cope with anxiety using focused breathing and mindfulness techniques. Learning to control the breath will result in a sense of calm, peace and acceptance.

Leadership Programs


We have experts in leadership education available to help students of all ages discover their strengths and learn how to lead.  When you say the word “leader”, most people think of an adult in a position of power- we don’t.  Everyone thru deliberate practice has an opportunity to be a leader.

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