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Life Lessons from the Dojo

By: Dr. Michael R. Foley

Physician and Grandmaster Dr Michael R. Foley combines a life-long study of the martial arts with mainstream leadership theories to help listeners discover life harmony and fulfillment.

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Life transitions are often extremely difficult for people. The difficulty often stems from an inability to recognize that "what"  they do may be different from "who"  they really are. By focusing on the "why" we do things, or the innate calling of our job or profession, we can separate out who we are and our clear purpose from the mere language of the J.O.B., or the What we do in life. Tune in to this podcast to discover how searching for the real you, the "who" you really are, will aid you in major life transitions by separating the language of the "what"  and "how" from your true underling purpose- your "why".

March 27, 2023


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