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Life Lessons from the Dojo

By: Dr. Michael R. Foley

Physician and Grandmaster Dr Michael R. Foley combines a life-long study of the martial arts with mainstream leadership theories to help listeners discover life harmony and fulfillment.

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Samurai warriors were taught to create a hyper- state of awareness by clearing their mind creating a state referred to as "Mushin". This state of "no mind" improved the warrior's ability to be overcome their opponent in battle. The teaching comes from a concept termed "Mind Like Moon--Mind Like Water. Tune into this podcast to learn how this ancient training may improve our insight to living a happy and fulfilling life.



Gratitude to Generosity:
The Virtuous Cycle

Learning that experiencing gratitude leads to generosity is the premise of this podcast. A virtuous cycle is created that perpetuates generosity from the foundation of appreciation and gratitude. Examine your life circumstance and uncover what gifts of spirit and care you have received and how you may innately pay it forward, by your own good works, to positively influence the life-circumstance of people you encounter day to day.  

Succession Planning:
Continuing your Legacy

As we move toward the end of our careers or even as simply as moving up the corporate ladder,  we will need to consider who will take our intent forward.  Who will  carry out proverbial “ball” forward, into the future, to preserve and enhance the legacy we  have forged.
Tune into this podcast to listen how  lessons from ancient stories may help you pick your successor that will best continue your intended  legacy.

The Happiness of always being busy:

There are areas around the world called “Blue Zones” where there are concentrations of people that have lived longer than 100 yrs. The people of these areas have much to teach all of us regarding how to live a long and purposeful lives. Ikigai is a Japanese word that roughly translates to “The happiness of always being busy”. Tune in to this podcast to learn the valuable lessons that come from Ogimi in Okinawa, the famous village of longevity.

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