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The Center for Humane Living began flourishing in Phoenix, Arizona as The Foley Family Tang Soo Do School in 1991. Dr. Foley's first student was his daughter Bonnie (Foley) Mangold. Five years later, the first class of 1st Dan Black Belts were promoted in 1996. Members of this first black belt class in 1996 are: Bonnie Mangold, Lori Contreras, Jennifer Contreras, Mischa Sims, and Donald Lockwood.

In, 1994 the school transitioned into the Shuhari Martial Arts for Peace School with the influence of Dr. Terrance Webster Doyle. Continuing with the tradition of supporting the community, in 1997, Children's Path to Peace school in Paradise Valley, AZ opened with one satellite location in West Phoenix. 

Evolving into The Center for Humane Living in 2005, the school has remained a Non-Profit Organization to this day.

Black Belt Names




Co-Founder, Grand Master, Pal Dan

Michael Foley, MD


Dr. Foley has been studying the martial arts for over 55 years and holds an 8th degree Grand Master black belt. As a child, Grand Master Foley was a student in Kajukenbo, under his first teacher Gabriel Vargas. His training in Tang Soo Do was under Sa Bum Nim Carl Clarizio. As the co-founder of The Center for Humane Living, and lead instructor, Grand Master Foley's strengths lie in blending the physical and philosophical aspects of the art into his teaching. He is motivated by inspiring, empowering and enabling others to train and teach others through the practice of martial arts at The Center for Humane Living. 

Grand Master Foley is married to SBN Lisa Dado (6th Dan) and have three children; Bonnie Mangold (5th Dan), Molly Foley (5th Dan) and Michael G. Foley (4th Dan). Past and present students at CHL are our his closest friends. In his free time, he enjoys photography, podcasts, writing, travel and trap shooting.

He is a Professor and Former Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix. In his current role he serves as Chief Medical Officer at Sera Prognostics (Nasdaq- SERA).

Donna H.jpg

Yuk Dan

Donna Heath


SBN Donna is a 6th degree black belt at the Center for Humane Living. She has been a practicing martial artist since 1997. A true family-based journey, she has trained with her husband Eric (4th Dan), son Andrew (5th Dan), Father Dick, Daughter Erin, and Grandchildren who have all trained at CHL. For her, the extension of her family is far greater than any other. Thru the leadership and instruction of the Heath family, there has been insurmountable impact with decades of children and families training at CHL thru community outreach programs. Driving her continued passion in practice and instruction is by being an integral piece in mindfully molding future generations thru the development of physical, spiritual, and relational skills. A legal practice assistant for an estate planning attorney at Sherman & Howard; SBN Donna loves to travel, and spend time with her 6 grandkids and is a devoted Arizona Sports Fan.

Molly Foley

Co-Founder, Oh Dan

Molly Foley


Molly Foley, is a fifth degree black belt and co-founder of The Center for Humane Living alongside her family: Mike, Lisa, Bonnie, and Michael. Martial Arts has been a huge influence on her life since the age of 3, and has allowed her to have an open-heart, compassion, and curiosity towards herself and others. Molly credits CHL in helping her learn to communicate honestly, resolve conflict peacefully, and build life-long relationships personally and professionally. 

Molly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Sex Therapist. She specializes in bringing love, respect, and improved communication back into relationships. Molly supports individuals and couples who want to repair emotional injuries, increase emotional intimacy and overcome sexual challenges to experience more confidence and joy. 

Molly is an Arizona native, and loves her Peloton, music, and cuddle sessions with her chiweenie, Nacho.


Oh Dan

Andrea Berkemeyer


Andrea (Tukan) Berkemeyer is a fifth degree black belt. 


Co-Founder, Sa Dan

Michael G. Foley


SBN Michael is a 4th degree black belt and has been a member of the Center for Humane Living since birth. The youngest member of the Foley family, his body control, awareness and conflict resolution skills are unmatched. A former student athlete and graduate of Duke University, he is a school record holder in the hammer throw, and is a certified financial planner. With a professional focus on assisting healthcare professionals, the core of his service is based up on his passion and affinity for engaging with people in meaningful ways. As a martial artist, and instructor and a business owner, SBN Michael values honesty, kindness and hard work. Married to Lindsay (Green Belt), they enjoying spending time together outdoors, and playing with their Great Dane, Otis.


Sa Dan

Lester Tukan, MD


A fourth-degree black belt with the Center for Humane Living, Sa Bum Nim Lester has been a member of CHL for 21 years. Spending the majority of his training alongside his wife (SBN Therese), and three daughters (SBN’s Andrea, Natalie and Aly); they are his greatest sources of strength. As a black belt for more than half of his professional career as an Emergency Medical Physician; he epitomizes living by example integrating in the philosophical teachings he has learned into his medical practice and daily life. As a new retiree, he has been able to embark in furthering his talents in his lifelong hobby of wood working, expanding now into cabinetry. A self-taught jack of all trades, we appreciate all of skills as he maintains the Center so diligently. An extraordinary teacher and role model, he is in his 12th year of teaching a substance abuse avoidance class. Beginning as a tobacco curriculum; his decades of experience working in the Emergency room has led him to transform the curriculum into a course educating on the multiple facets of addiction. Teaching the students facts about tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, vaping, cannabis, fentanyl, opiates, meth, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs has helped him transform the experience of 75+ high school students annually. Drawing from some of the philosophical teachings learned at CHL, he is able to articulate how to effectively disengage a bully that is promoting substance abuse by saying “no”. An avid outdoor fitness participant, SBN Lester enjoys playing tennis, golf, pickle ball, hiking and bike riding; none as much as taking weekly aquatics classes from his yoga/fitness instructor extraordinaire wife SBN Therese.


Sam Dan

Amy Overlin, MD


Sa Bum Nim Amy has been a member of CHL for over 15 years. As a former gymnast, her athleticism shines on the mat. A knowledgeable instructor due to her vast knowledge in human movement, she enjoys instructing higher levels skills, emphasizing on the importance of good technique. A sports and family medicine physician, she has been the team physician for many local collegiate and professional sports teams. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with hew two children Drew (1st Dan black belt) and Samantha (3rd red belt), and downhill skiing.

Doug P.jpg

Sam Dan

Doug Palmer


Sa Bum Nim Doug is a 3rd degree black belt at the Center for Humane Living. A practicing martial artist for over 13 years, he has trained both at CHL as an adult, and in the same art of Tang Soo Do as a child. A dedicated and skilled athlete and instructor, Doug's training journey developed as a family affair with his daughters Alex (1st Dan) and Sydney. Living and conducting himself with purpose is what drives his passion as a martial artist, parent, friend, professional, and leader.


Ee Dan

Diana Padilla


A 2nd degree black belt at the Center for Humane Living, Sensei Diana has been practicing martial arts for the past 13 years. Her passion in her practice of the martial arts lies in capacity to be an adaptive, responsive and motivational instructor for the students of CHL. A true believer of acknowledging hard work and commitment, Sensei Diana enjoys helping students to enjoy the experience, rather than just the tangible results. A certified athletic trainer at ASU; she enjoys all live sports; and is an athlete in her own accord as a distance runner and a former triathlete.

Dominick Nardone III

Ee Dan

Dominick Nardone, III


Sensei Dominick III has ascended from a childhood full of learning and living the martial arts since the age of three years old. He currently holds a 2nd degree black belt. Learning from such a young age that he can defend himself from conflict both physically and mentally, he is giving his youthful knowledge to the students of our school. As the youngest in his family of four CHL Black Belts (Father: Sa Bum Nim Dominick II (3rd Dan), Mother: Sensei Lisa Nardone (1st Dan), Sister: Sensei Alexa (1st Dan), Sensei Dominick is a leader in many capacities due to his flexibility, confidence, loyalty and most of all thoughtfulness. A student at Desert Mountain High School, he partners and co-instructs with his dad in teaching two classes weekly at the McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Center on Wednesday nights. Sensei Dominick is a very talented self-taught pianist, who also enjoys working out, weight training, hiking and playing video games with friends, watching movies and listening to various genres of music including classical.


Cho Dan

Tanner Orenstein


Sensei Tanner is a first-degree Black Belt at The Center for Humane Living. Having trained since the age of 3, Tanner is an inspiration to all of our students, especially the young adult/teen and youth members.  As a leader, he continuously promotes wellness by organizing and facilitating a bi-annual service project providing a hot meal service and packed lunch for Homeless Shelters throughout the Valley, a project directed by iHELP. Inspired by his fellow black belts who have traveled his martial arts journey with him, he takes pride in teaching other students, and continuing to improve his skill sets. Tanner recently took up the sport of bouldering and is amazing all of those around him due to his quick learning and ability to adjust so well. As a high school student at Basha High School, Tanner also enjoys hiking and biking outside. Tanner is in good company at home, living with his mom (SBN Sandi) who is a third Dan, and his older sister Zoe who is also a first Dan as well as his dad Jeff who maintains training as a green belt.


Cho Dan

Karla Zych


Sensei Karla is a first-degree black belt at CHL. Having various levels of engagement throughout the years, she began as a spectator, watching her two children; Emma (Blue belt), and Robert (1st Dan black belt) train. As she became more engaged with the philosophical and physical approach of the school, Sensei Karla has been thriving ever since. A strong advocate for caring for the local community, she organizes annual food and clothing drives providing healthy groceries and used clothing to the neighboring community of CHL. A tenured Registered Dietitian and Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics for over 20 years, she knows the importance of supporting individuals and teams to achieve their performance goals. As an instructor at CHL, Sensei Karla most enjoys her engagement with the students as a martial artist and as a person.

Belthur PCH pic.JPG

Cho Dan

Mohan Belthur, MD


Sensei Mohan earned his First degree blackbelt in December of 2023.

SBN Lisa

Co-Founder, Yuk Dan

Lisa Dado, MD


Dr. Dado has been studying martial arts for 42 years and holds a 6th degree black belt, a Master Level Rank. Inspired by the great ways that martial arts have impacted her live, she is compelled to transcend her gifts to help others. Her impact on others stems from her incredible ability to be vulnerable and compassionate, not only on the mat, but in all aspects of her life. Having continued to train thru many seasons of her life, she continues her active engagement motivating others to do the same. As she demonstrates, it is hard work, it’s valuable and worth it. SBN Lisa has been married to Grandmaster Foley for 38 years, raising three children; Bonnie Mangold (5th Dan), Molly Foley (5th Dan) and Michael G. Foley (4th Dan). A much-adored grandma to Bardele Mangold, she also loves Great Danes and Boxers (all dogs actually) and love traveling the world. A newly retired Pediatric Anesthesiologist following 35 years of clinical practice., SBN Lisa now lives for planning parties, social gatherings and vacations and relaxing on a hike or while spending time with her CHL family. The CHL community feeds her soul every week as we gather together in class both in-person and via Zoom.


Oh Dan

Bonnie Mangold


SBN Bonnie is a fifth-degree black belt at the Center for Humane Living and is one of initial five students to be promoted to the rank of Black Belt thru Children’s Path to Peace Martial Arts School (now CHL). A legend in all aspects of her training, physical skill set, and teaching style; SBN Bonnie is confident, and grounded in her own personal stance, affording her the capacity to reach others in such a unique and impactful way. Although no longer living in the Phoenix area, she continues to engage with the CHL community, being present in a different manner, leaned on to be a good listener and consultant in many ways. Married to Jay; they are loving their lives as parents to the youngest member of the CHL family Bardele. As a professional attorney and financial advisor in Pittsburgh, family is first priority, including her CHL family.


Oh Dan

Andrew Heath


Andrew Heath is a fifth degree black belt.

T Tukan.jpg

Oh Dan

Therese Tukan


Sa Bum Nim Therese has truly made her martial arts journey a family affair. Practicing over the past 23 years as a member of the Center for Humane Living, she has trained through the ranks with her husband Lester (4th Dan Black Belt), and daughters Andrea (5th Dan Black Belt), Natalie (3rd Dan Black Belt) and Aly (4th Dan Black Belt). The bonding experience that has knitted them together on and off the mat has always created a positive energy that is resoundingly celebrated, valued and returned. SBN Therese is motivated by all of the friendships that she has cultivated and maintained over the years as a member of CHL. Coming from all walks of life, she considers them her extended family that provide her inspiration to keep showing up with an empty cup, ready to learn, grow and pass on the humanitarian message of our school. Truly projecting a sincere spirit and positive action in her instruction, she always gives the best that she can to herself and her students (both at the dojo and as a professional). Giving the gift of training is a nourishment to others, and an expression of self-love when receiving wisdom, heart and soul from others. Providing this fills her heart with abundance and gives her the strength to become the best version of herself. As the 7th of 8 children in her family, SBN is originally from a suburb of Chicago where she studied at St. Xavier University earning her BSN. As a Mastery Level Yoga instructor, she loves fitness including anything outdoors. Her favorite times are spent with her family, including her two new sons in laws either vacationing, relaxing, eating a good meal, jet skiing/snorkeling/scuba diving or playing cards games.

K Basfield_edited.jpg

Sa Dan

Kelly Basfield


Sa Bum Nim Kelly has been practicing Tang Soo Do for the past 28 years, and is a skilled martial artist in other forms including Aikido and Tae Kwon Do. A fourth-degree black belt at the Center for Humane Living, she loves learning and applying the Zen philosophy to her every day experiences helping her to be a successful leader in all aspects of her life. Motivated by learning new skills, or learning ways to teach old skills, SBN Kelly loves to teach, giving back the gift she was given and watching the individual growth of each student. On a continued path of self-discovery, she has discovered that regardless of the circumstances that come her way, she has the physical and mental/emotional skills and discipline to effectively lead a healthy and happy life. Blessed with a loving family, and close friends, SBN Kelly and her spouse have been together for 28 years. Starting her career as a pediatric speech pathologist at Phoenix Children's Hospital, she has retired early after serving as the Vice President of clinical information technology in 2021. Blessed to have held two careers at PCH, she now has taken up golfing and studies investing.

SBN Janice

Sa Dan

Janice Wallitschek


SBN Janice is a 4th degree black belt at The Center for Humane Living. Actively practicing for the past 17 years, she finds joy in giving away the gift of martial arts to students and making a difference in their lives. The strong relationships that she has with other instructors and students continue to motivate her to actively practice. Always learning about herself and others, SBN Janice radiates positivity, empathy and inclusion, strengths that she has identified building while training at CHL. 

Married to her husband John, she is the mother of three daughters (triplets!). Training since the age of three, her family joined Children's Path to Peace and the rest is history.  As a stay at home mom, she has been able to pay her gifts forward to people she meets in person or on the road each day. An avid sports fan, especially football, she is up for any sports related conversation, or a round of pickleball. 


Sam Dan

Sandi Orenstein


Sa Bum Nim Sandi is a third dan black belt at The Center for Humane Living. As a true “family” affair, her daughter Zoe (1st Dan) and son Tanner (1st Dan) trained along side their mom since they were young children. Accompanied often by her husband Jeff (green belt) their commitment level to CHL has always been high. Her favorite part of being a martial artist in knowing that anyone at any age and any ability is capable of participating. An art where you get out of it what you put into it; every person can make it their own, reaching new levels both physically and emotionally. She is motivated by the community of CHL members and honoring her personal commitments to the way she lives her life. Always being loyal to her family and friends, making honorable choices and using her strengths to try and make the world a better place even if only one person at a time. As a practice manager for an Exotics Exclusive Animal Hospital; her and her husband Jeff enjoy spending time with friends and family, including her incredible young adult children Zoe and Tanner.


Sam Dan

Dominick Nardone, II


Sa Bum Nim Dominick has been studying the martial arts for over 20 years and along with his family who has been involved in CHL since 2009, holds a 3rd degree Black Belt. Prior to becoming involved as a member of the CHL family, Sa Bum Nim Dominick has trained in the martial arts styles of Taekwondo and Tai-chi. Training together as a family, Sa Bum Nim Dominick, his wife Sensei Lisa (1st Dan), and his daughter Sensei Alexa (1st Dan) all progressed thru the belt ranks together earning their black belts at the same time. His son, Sensei Dominick III (2nd Dan) was not far behind in his journey, since 2020 he has been a co-instructor with him at the McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Center teaching two classes on Wednesday nights. As a practicing martial artist instructor, he is inspired and motivated by seeing student’s growth; knowing that he is making a difference in their lives; inspiring learning, friendships and community. As an entrepreneur business owner, Sa Bum Nim Dominick has 30+ years of expertise in finance, venture capital, and technology serving in various executive management capacities in multiple entrepreneurial start-ups, a Fortune 50 company and a world-renowned Big 4/Tier 1 level Management Consultancy Firm.  Along with being part of an organization of like-minded individuals that unconditionally support each other, Sa Bum Nim Dominick enjoys working out, biking, hiking, archery and hunting, with a passion for gourmet cooking and a love for a wide range of musical genres.

Jeanne Nation

Ee Dan

Jeanne Nation


Sensei Jeanne is a 2nd degree black belt at the Center for Humane Living who has been practicing the art of Tang Soo Do for 10 years. An inspiration to all those around her, she reflects how joining CHL and being a martial artist have changed her life in so many positive ways, including allowing her to discover leadership skills that she never knew that she had. Carrying her knowledge into everything she does, she is able to appropriately manage difficult and sometimes scary situations calmly, and most importantly encourage others to do so in their own lives. As a Children’s Minister and Missions Director at Foothills Baptist Church, Jeanne inspires others everyday passing her gifts on to the community she serves, as well as instilling the same values in her three children Stephanie (1st Dan Black Belt), Sarah (3rd Red Belt), and David (Green Belt) who are all leaders in their church, athletic and academic communities. Married to Paul, she enjoys reading, running and watching any sports or activities that her children are a part of.

Lisa's Photo.jpg

Cho Dan

Lisa Gallo-Nardone, DC


A 1st degree black belt, Sensei Lisa has been an active member of CHL since 2009, training alongside her family of black belts; her husband of 24 years, Sa Bum Nim Dominick II (3rd Dan) and her children, Sensei’s Alexa (1st Dan) and Dominick III (2nd Dan). Having trained briefly many years ago in the martial arts styles of Shoshin Kai Ryu Okinawa Te and Tai Chi. Sensei Lisa was excited to learn the style of Tang Soo Do. Through her years of participation in the martial arts, Sensei Lisa has learned how to persevere through life’s difficult challenges with optimism, positivity and strength. She is inspired by the dedicated teaching and guidance that her husband Sa Bum Nim Dominick II, and son Sensei Dominick III provide to their students at the McDowell Mountain Ranch Community Center on Wednesday nights; which she is also a co-instructor. A kind and patient instructor; Sensei Lisa enjoys encouraging others as they move forward in their personal martial arts journey. As a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, she enjoys listening to music, sewing, reading, spending time with her loved ones and being the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend that she can be. 


Cho Dan

Andrea Arrieta


Sensei Andrea and her family have been members of CHL for the past 14 years. As a first-degree black belt, she enjoys sharing her knowledge about conflict resolution and stress/life management. A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness and a Certified Daring Way ™ Facilitator, she is well versed on strategies to help people improve their negative behaviors. As wife, mother, Bikram Yoga practitioner, her leadership experience in non-profits and Higher Education along with over 22 years of clinical experience, gives her the expertise to provide professional service to others. Her instructive approach is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, building upon their strengths to attain the life they want to live. Married to her husband Phil, she is also the mother of Grace (Blue belt), Addison (Blue belt).


Cho Dan

Andy Goldstein, MD


Sensei Andy has been a member of the Center for Humane Living for over 15 years. As a first-degree black belt, Sensei Andy has been able to become more active in the school as a martial artist and instructor over the past few years. A heart and lung surgeon by trade, he demonstrates empathy to all those he encounters. A multiple year recipient of the Top Doctor in the Phoenix area in the fields of Cardiac and Thoracic surgery by his peers; Sensei Andy is the utmost professional. In his free time, he enjoys working with his hands including wood working, and spending time with his family.


Cho Dan

Meghana Belthur


Sensei Meghana earned her first degree black belt in December of 2023.

Meet our Instructors

A legacy is someone who is treasured and their "gifts" transcend to future generations. The Legacy of the CHL Black Belt family captures the life lessons learned, the sharing of deeper meaning, the physical and emotional experiences of the past and insights to help build the future.
History. Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Legacy.

Eric H.jpg

Sa Dan

Eric Heath

Sa Dan

Aly Tukan, MD

Sam Dan

Natalie Pate, MD

Cho Dan

Alexa Nardone

Cho Dan

Karla Heath
Zoe O.jpg

Cho Dan

Zoe Orenstein

Cho Dan

Stephanie Nation

Cho Dan

Katie Clarizio, MD



CJ Clarizio
Brian Iriye, MD
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