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Recent Events

At the Center for Humane Living, our instructors and students are actively engaged in the community. Collaborating with other community outreach programs in the Phoenix metropolitan area, our members help support common causes with programs such as I-HELP, UMOM Events, and Feed My Starving Children events. In addition to these charitable events, we regularly participate in clean-up events, fundraising projects to assist in funding scholarships to Camp Chaos, and demonstrations at local events to raise awareness about our mission.

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Camp Chaos 2023

Welcome back Camp Chaos! After a 3-year break, CHL’s Annual Camp Chaos returned under the leadership of Red Belt Michael Zimmerling. Over the weekend of August 4th-6th, CHL members ventured out to the YMCA Triangle Y camp in Oracle, AZ for an amazing weekend of martial arts, and interaction with fellow campers. During camp, we all learned from each other honing in on improving our physical abilities thru a mix of training sessions, outdoor activities, and education/developmental sessions focusing on the topic of “Teaching and Learning”. The variety of activities during camp made this experience dynamic and enjoyable, allowing everyone to create lasting memories.


I-HELP Event:

June 11, 2023
Project organized by: Sensei Tanner Orenstein

Partnered with the I-HELP program, Sensei Tanner and a group of CHL members helped to provide and serve a warm and nutritious meal on Sunday, June 11th to help feed the needy in our community. 

In addition to this, the group also prepared over 300 bagged lunches for distribution at the Tempe Community Action Agency Food Pantry; This donation alone totaled 437 pounds of food that was immediately put to use. 


Annual Clothing Drive

Event Organized and Managed by:
Sensei Karla Zych

The Annual Clothing Drive is our largest non-martial arts education-based community initiative. This event collects and distributes clothing and shoe donations to help people in the Phoenix community. What seems to be a simple idea, is quite challenging (in positive ways) to execute as our CHL community has shown up in BIG the past few years exceeding ever growing goals for donations and distribution.

Collecting Clothing Donations: many individuals, family, friends, co-workers, etc. donate gently used or new clothing items. These donations include clothing for all ages and sizes, such as shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, and shoes.

Clothing Drive Participation: during the Clothing Drive event, CHL members foster a sense of community and shared purpose as the collected clothing is distributed to a diverse range of community members and families who may be experiencing challenging circumstances. Everyone involved plays an important role in organizing, sorting, distributing and meeting people with compassionate smiles.

2023 CHL Family Graduates: WE are PROUD!

Feed My Starving Children Event: May 27th, 2023

Project organized by Meghana Belthur

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to children and families in need around the world. Working as a team, our volunteers measured and packed a specifically formulated nutrient based meal for children that can be shipped and distributed to partner organizations across the world.

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We brought our friends and family for a crazy night of laughter and excitement as people did not know what they were really doing! The joys of playing the crazy dice game of Bunco at CHL! On June 16th, we returned back to our long time and good time fundraising event!